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Stand-Out in Waycross with the 2016 Ford Escape

Do you refuse to blend in with the crowd?  If so, your on-the-road experience shouldn't be any different. Stand out and command the road ahead with the all-new Ford Escape.  The redesigned Escape goes above and beyond the other compact SUVs in its class with ground-breaking technology and extra comfort amenities.  Designed to make your travels just as enjoyable as the destination, the Escape pulls out all the stops. Intrigued?  Get started by seeing…

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Four SUVs in Ford's Future

What's on the horizon for Ford? SUVs. Four of them in fact, slated to come out over the next few years. Why the focus on SUVs? The immanent rise of young and growing families and the loyalty of older SUV owners are factors, as is the loss of the gas-guzzler stigma.

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Four GT Entries Accepted for Le Mans 24 Race Cars

Today, the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest), race organizers for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, confirmed the acceptance of four all-new Ford GT racecars for entry into the classic endurance race.

This year's race is a special occasion for the Ford GT, as 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1966 race in which three GT40 Mk.11 race cars swept the podium, leaving behind cars from the likes of Alpine, Porsche, and Ferrari...

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Ford Head’s for the Great Outdoors in New RVs

Are you a woman who loves adventure and hears the call of the open road? If not, you likely know a woman like this.

Sisters on the Fly is made up of some pretty adventurous women. Most, though not all, own their own RV or vintage trailer and form caravans several times a year to attend outdoor events. Just what type of events are they part of?

Anything fun you can think of: from horseback riding to fly fishing, hiking to kayaking and many others. Sisters on the Fly is in fact, the largest outdoor adventure group for women in…

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Feast Your Senses on the Fast and Fun 2016 Ford Focus RS

Though we at Robbie Roberson Ford Inc. are not ones to assume, we think it's safe to say that fans of the hot hatchback segment will meet their match in the spanking-new 2016 Ford Focus RS. Staggeringly stylish and preposterously powerful, the allure of this auto cannot be denied.

That said, we invite you to sink your teeth into this most scrumptious speedster by viewing the video below:

Offered on only one trim, the Focus RS's array of standard amenities is altogether astounding.

Such features include 19-inch wheels, summer tires, performance brakes, adjustable suspension settings ...

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Ford does their part to conserve energy, how will you?

What are some ways you help save energy? This past year, Ford conserved enough energy to light 72 million holiday trees just by replacing regular lightbulbs with energy-efficient lightbulbs throughout their headquarters. There are so many ways we can help reduce carbon emissions as well, for instance, driving a vehicle that's powered off alternative fuel!

We can certainly help you out

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Get to Know the Made-Over 2016 Ford Explorer

No matter how you slice it, there sure is a whole heck of a lot to love about our radically remade utility vehicle, the brand-new 2016 Ford Explorer.

And if you suspect that we at Robbie Roberson Ford Inc. are the only ones who feel as we do, well ... think again.

The fine folks at Autotrader are equally as smitten by this fantastic full-sizer. Hear their thoughts in the video below:

A novel addition to the Explorer lineup this year, the range-topping Platinum trim is truly remarkable.

Standard equipment on this model includes a dual-panel sunroof, adaptive cruise control, upgraded…

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Here at Robbie Roberson Ford, we love it when we come across good news about the quality vehicles in our inventory, and today was no exception.

This morning, we were happy to come across the news that, for the second year in a row, Kelley Blue Book's has selected the Ford F-150 as its "Truck Best Buy." Receiving a "Best Buy" award from Kelley Blue Book is particularly exciting, because they are a result of extensive testing to find which vehicles are "cream of the crop" for the model year.The F-150 has many new features for…

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